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Bahamas Relief Project
February 3-5, 2020

We are aware that several of you are interested in joining us in our efforts to serve the good people of the Bahamas as they recover and rebuild from Hurricane Dorian.

Volunteers will travel from Columbia to Fort Lauderdale on Monday, February 3rd, spend the night in Fort Lauderdale, and travel by Balearia Ferry to Freeport, Bahamas on the morning of February 4th, work for the day, and then return by ferry to Fort Lauderdale, spending the night in Fort Lauderdale before traveling home. Alternatively, volunteers may spend Tuesday and Wednesday night in Freeport, and then return home the night of Thursday, February 6th.

Option 1 (February 3-5)                                                         Option 2 (February 3-7)

*Hotel/Fort Lauderdale (Feb 3) $125                                         *Hotel/Fort Lauderdale (Feb 3) $125

Roundtrip Ferry (Feb 4) $135                                                      Roundtrip Ferry (Feb 4/Feb 6) $135

*Hotel/Fort Lauderdale $125                                                      *Hotel Freeport (Feb 4 and 5) $200

                                                                                                   *Hotel/Fort Lauderdale $125

Total: $385                                                                                  Total: $585


*Those who choose to share a hotel room may reduce their costs by a portion. This is an estimated cost for your planning purposes.

Volunteers must provide their own transportation to Fort Lauderdale and pay for their own meals. The ferry to Freeport leaves from Fort Lauderdale.

Deadline to register is January 5, 2020. Deposit of $150 required to register. To register please call Frankie Moore at