PURPOSE: The SCCA Scholarship Awards Program is designed to financially assist qualified applicants entering, or already attending, an accredited college or university education program.

SPECIAL THANKS: SCCA expresses sincere thanks to Ken McKellar for a memorial scholarship in memory of his father and uncle to be awarded again this year.

PROCESS: Each year a number of individuals will be selected to receive an SCCA scholarship award. All application forms must be completed and forwarded to the Chair of the Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee will screen these applications, and the successful recipients will be notified in writing. Only complete packages with official transcript postmarked by the July 15th deadline will be considered.

AWARD/AMOUNT: The amount of this year’s scholarship is $1,000 per recipient as approved by the SCCA Board. The recipients of SCCA scholarships will be announced at the annual Criminal Justice Conference Awards Banquet in November. Funds will be mailed directly to recipient’s accredited school for student tuition and related academic expenses. The total number of scholarships to be awarded will be determined at a later date.

MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS: SCCA encourages members and friends to honor loved ones through donations to the Scholarship fund. Please send memorial donations to the address listed below including the name of the individual to be remembered.


  • Applicant must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Applicant must be an active SCCA member, SCCA member spouse or dependent, student member, or criminal justice student recommended by SCCA member professor.
  • Applicant must be pursuing a graduate, undergraduate, technical, or vocational degree from an accredited college or university.
  • Applicant must be entering his/her freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior year of an accredited college or university. First year students must be officially accepted by the institution.

Send completed application to: SCCA Scholarship Committee, ATTN: Jessica Edmond, Scholarship Chair  P.O. Box 210603 Columbia, SC 29221



Each  year, the  SCCA  has given  awards  at its  annual  meeting in  recognition  of outstanding  service  to the  Association,  and further  to  those who  have  made significant  contributions  to the  criminal  justice field  in  South Carolina. All  SCCA  members are  strongly  urged to  engage  in this  process  by nominating  one  or more  individuals  for  an award.  Award  winners will  be  announced and  receive  individual recognition  at  this year's  Awards  Dinner at  the Annual  Conference in  Myrtle  Beach.


1. SCCA Executive Committee Awards (up to three recipients annually) 

CRITERIA: (a) must  be  a current  SCCA  member; (b)  must  have an  outstanding  contribution to  the  SCCA in terms  of  its vision,  function,  service or  membership. 

PURPOSE  OF  CATEGORY:  (a) to  reward  outstanding past  service  to the  SCCA  by its  officers  or members;  (b)  and to  reward  current efforts  of  SCCA non-office  holding  members. 

2. SCCA President’s Award (up to three recipients annually) 

CRITERIA: (a) at  least  one recipient  must  be a  current  SCCA member,  additional  recipients are  not  required to  be  SCCA members;  and  (b) during  the  past 12  months  committed an  individual  act  of  courage or  otherwise  acted above  and  beyond the  call  of duty  to  protect individuals  or  property; or  (c)  during the  past  12 months engaged  in  an individual  or  on-going service  which  aided or  promoted  better community  awareness  or understanding  of  an aspect  of  the corrections  or  criminal justice  field;  or (d)  during  the past  12  months demonstrated  a  commitment to  the  highest professional  goals  and standards  in  their work  and  in so  doing  inspired co-workers  to  emulate their  initiatives,  hard work,  vision  and understanding  of  others. 

PURPOSE  OF  CATEGORY: to reward  individuals  who have  inspired  others to  strive  for excellence,  or who  have otherwise  through  their work  made  a significant  contribution  during the  past  year to  this  field. 

3. SCCA William D. Leeke Award of Excellence (only one award given each year) 

CRITERIA: (a) not  restricted  to SCCA  members;  (b) must  be  an individual  who  currently, or  formerly,  made  a significant  contribution  to the  corrections  or criminal  justice  field. 

PURPOSE  OF  CATEGORY: this award  is  intended to  reflect  the contributions  or  accomplishments  of  an individual  who  has shown  vision,  leadership and  commitment  to the  corrections  or criminal  justice  field.